Dishwashers, like all home appliances, come in many different shapes and sizes. Choosing the one that suits you and your families needs is no easy task. To help you find the dishwasher that suits your needs we have put together the following article covering the main points so that you are looking online for the perfect washing machine or visiting a store you’ll understand all the options.

Dishwasher types

You must consider the space available for the dishwasher in your kitchen. If designing a new kitchen your designer will be able to advise you what you require or if you are replacing an old unit you will replace like with like. Your options are.


Most dishwashers are freestanding. They are finished in a range of colors, you can choose what suits your own kitchen. Common colors are White, Silver, Black, and Grey is also popular. Freestanding Dishwashers are generally 85cm high, 60cm wide, and 59.8 deep

Slimline Dishwashers:

Slimline dishwasher are handy for small families or where space is limited. They have a reduce size as well as reduced capacity. 85cm / Width: 45cm / Depth: 59.8cm

Integrated Dishwashers
Integrated dishwashers are designed to take a panel that matches the design of your kitchen. Once integrated with the design of your kitchen they can be hard to spot.


The capacity of a dishwasher is how many ‘place settings’ it can cater for. Most standard sized dishwashers are designed for 12 place settings. Slimline dishwashers are generally 9 place settings. A place setting generally will comprise of a dinner plate, side plate, a glass, a bowl, a cup and also some cutlery. Very few of us will use all of these when having a meal but this will give you an idea about how many place settings you and your family will use in an average day. This then will give you an idea how often you will need to run your dishwasher. If you are a small family it would be ideal if you only had to run the dishwasher once per day.


Dishwasher technology is getting more and more advanced. Modern dishwashers will come with a number of programmes that you can choose from. Common programs that are available are as follows.

– Eco
– Intensive
– Quick
– Delicate


Dishwasher don’t just wash the dishes, they also ensure that when finsihed, your dishes are dry. Manufacturers put a lot of effort into developing ways to dry your dishes. Washing machines with a Stainless steel tub are better for holding heat making them more efficient. Higher end dishwashers use Zeolith technology to dry dishes. Zeolith technology uses a mineral to absorb moisture. Zeolith dishwashers are generally more efficient. Dishwashers with zeolite technology are currently more expensive. Price will come down as time goes by.

Our Advice:

Define what you are willing to spend on a new washing machine. Then find the best machine that gives you as many of the features you may require.

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