Camry Food Slicer 0-15MM Adjustment CR4702


  • 400 WATT POWER
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Solid, metal food slicer equipped with a stainless steel table and removable pusher tool. The high quality stainless steel knife allows to slice cold meats into thin slices as well as to have a substantial slice of bread. The slice thickness can be adjusted freely. It is even easier thanks to a visible indicator.

  • Stainless steel knife, diameter 19cm
  • Slice thickness adjustment (0-15mm)
  • Slice thickness indicator
  • Metal rail
  • Stainless steel folding table and removable pusher tool
  • Non-slip feet
  • Nominal Power: 150W
  • Max Power: 400W

Preparing sandwiches for breakfast or supper for the whole family takes you too much time? Are you looking for professional kitchen equipment that will make easier the daily functioning and entertaining of guests? Or maybe you want to purchase long-lasting equipment for your restaurant, bar or shop? You do not have to look any further! We recommend the professional food slicer CAMRY CR 4702, which will meet the requirements of everyone, even the most demanding fans of sandwiches!

Professional equipment for your kitchen

Usually, good equipment is considered to be the heart of every kitchen: both home and professional. It makes the daily preparation of meals easier and allows you to spend more time on their consumption with your loved ones. Regardless of whether you are looking for equipment for your home, restaurant or even store, you will be satisfied! The maximum power of our device is 400W. A safe slicer with high-quality stainless steel blades will allow you to quickly cut even hard cold meats, cheese or bread. Cutting thickness from 0 to 15 mm can be set independently by using a knob, which just like the switch is located in an easily accessible place. The slice thickness indicator allows full control of the slices. You can easily prepare ingredients for your favourite sandwiches for guests or customers in just a few moments!

Safety and convenience of use

Our slicer is not only functional, but it also looks good on the kitchen counter. When you decide to buy electrical equipment, you sometimes have concerns about using it. The solutions put in this device ensure safety and convenience of use! Non-slip feet make it easier to use it without any worries in all situations. Collapsible table and removable pusher help to keep the products you want to cut in place. At the same time, such construction helps to quickly clean the device! You do not need any extra tools to set and take apart the slicer. The blade can be separated by using a special knob to remove the knife, which protects it from disconnecting itself from the slicer. We do recommend it!