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A unique, exclusive retro-style radio set. Classic form and wooden housing make the appliance not only a radio set but also an adornment suitable for a tastefully arranged living room. The radio is an ideal appliance for music fans missing the time of their lives when they were used to listen their favourite radio broadcasts. Today they can turn knobs of this fashionable radio set with CD/MP3 player. The housing contains a modern receiver rated at 19 W. The radio set operates on FM waves. This radio set is a perfect gift for people bored with miniaturised gadgets. The device has also been equipped with a Bluetooth reciver allowing you to play your favorate songs from your mobile device.

  • Frequency range:<ul< li=””></ul<>
  • – FM 88 – 108 MHz
  • Bluetooth
  • CD/MP3 player
  • USB with mp3 playback
  • Minijack port

A quiet evening with your favourite radio station and a cup of aromatic tea? Why not!? The retro radio with Bluetooth CAMRY CR 1167 is a perfect product for music and antique lovers. Modern functions hidden in a stylish retro receiver is a combination doomed to success! Thanks to the elegant finish, the radio will look great in the living room or office.

Modern solution

Music soothes nerves. The radio allows us to relax, keep track of news and often just makes our work more enjoyable. Our product is an interesting alternative for people who are bored with modern radios, but who are looking for advanced functions and convenient solutions. The radio is equipped with a CD/MP3 player and a USB socket. Thanks to this, we can listen to our favourite artists using various formats. What is more, the radio also has the option of playing music via Bluetooth, so we can listen to artists whose music we store on our phone or computer! The USB port has an additional plus, it allows us to record favourite songs or radio programs on a USB stick! In this way, we can effortlessly record favourite hits or educational programs in MP3 format. You can also play music through headphones, which can be useful when you do not want to disturb someone at work or during the night rest.

A little bit of tradition

The radio has been designed in an exclusive retro style but it combines classic form and contemporary comfort. All knobs and buttons are placed in a visible and easily accessible place. Using the radio is intuitive! The function button that selects the frequency range will allow you to set your favourite station in just a few moments! We can program the playlists of songs, which will be indicated by the appropriate LED, or set the function to repeat one song or all songs. The radio also has a remote control that will allow you to control the operation of the device from anywhere in the room. The wooden housing and backlit tuning scale are additional advantages of this specific model!

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