DORO 5543 ds


  • Large talking buttons
  • Extra high volume (30 dB)
  • Redial
  • Backlit dot matrix display


BIG BUTTONS AND EASY-TO-READ DISPLAY: The Doro PhoneEasy 100w features large and widely
spaced buttons as well as a bright and backlit 23×38 mm display with easy-to-read characters
which are perfect for visually impaired users.
USAGE: Connect the line cord to a telephone wall socket and to the socket on the base unit. Then
connect the mains adapter to the wall socket and to the socket on the base. Place the handset in
the base. Use the telephone line cord supplied only.
KEY FEATURES: Doro delivers this telephone with a 10 caller ID memory, a visual ring indicator,
speakerphone, out of range warning, GAP compatibility and you can list up to 20 contacts. It has a
range of up to 300 m and an indoor range of up to 50 m

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