Emporia AMPLi40 Big-Button Amplified Corded Senior Home Phone Black/Silver ds



  • Ideal for anybody suffering with hearing or vision difficulties
  • Receiver volume can be increased up to 40dB through a boost button
  • Loud ringer volume (up to 85dB) and large visual ring indicator light
  • Hands-free speakerphone
  • Extra-large buttons and 7 one-touch direct-dial buttons


Easy to Hear:  The Emporia AMPLI40 Corded Phone is an ideal telephone for anybody suffering with hearing difficulties.

Easy to See:  With extra-large buttons and high contrast, the AMPLi40 is also ideal for those with visual impairments, making the numbers easier to read and the keys easier to see

Ideal for Memory Loss:  The AMPLi40 is a practical solution for anybody suffering from memory loss and includes 7 one-touch memories, 3 of these have the option to add a photo.

Simplicity and amplification:  The emporia AMPLi40 Big Button Amplified Corded phone is of course easy to use. It is also exceptionally easy to connect and manage.  It does not require a power cable or batteries to work.  Simply connect it to your telephone socket and away you go.