George Foreman BBQ 22460 Electric

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George Foreman Electric BBQ

George Foreman Electric BBQ If you love entertaining family and friends, the George Foreman indoor outdoor grill is for you. Set it up outside in the garden as a freestanding grill or sit it on a table top for a good indoor grilling experience. The large, non-stick grill plate allows you to cook up to 15 portions of meat, fish or vegetables in one go. In fact if you can grill it, the Indoor outdoor grill can handle it. Ideal for apartments, patios, caravanning and other areas where charcoal or propane can’t be used, this grill is as easy to clean as it is to use.

BBQ Style Grill for Indoor or Outdoor Use

No one can change the weather. But with this grill, you don’t need to. Have a BBQ anytime of year, whether it’s inside or outside.

Removable Easy to Clean Plates

Make quick and easy work of the clean-up. Just pop the plates off and clean in warm soapy water.

Variable Temperature Control

Keep the temperature nice and low for lightly grilled veg. Knock it up a notch for well-done kebabs. Whatever suits your taste, get the heat right and ready fast.

Cooks Up to 15 Portions

With a huge 1500 sq cm hot plate it’s better for grilling plenty of steaks, sausages, fish and vegetable skewers in one go.

Collapsible Stand for Indoor or Outdoor Cooking

The grill comes with a removable stand attach it for a freestanding grill in the garden or place the main body of the grill on a table for indoor grilling. The stand collapses into parts making it easy to store and is quick to assemble when you need it.

Easy, Healthy Way to Tasty Food

As you’d expect in a George Foreman grill, the specially angled cooking plate drains away any fat and grease from foods into an integrated drip tray that simply slides out. The cooking plate is also removable making cleaning up so easy.

Plenty of Practical Features

There is a variable temperature control so you can set your grill to the exact temperature you want – lower for fish or haloumi, higher for crispy steaks and the temperature gauge on the outside of the lid lets you keep an eye on things without having to keep lifting the lid.

Product Features:
  • Gauge to view cooking temperature
  • Large dome lid with cool touch handle
  • Removable non-stick coated grill plate
  • Better angled cooking plates drain away fat and grease from foods into integrated drip tray

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