Haloo Revolve Pizza Oven Portable Outdoor RVPO1002

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  • Haloo Revolve Pizza Oven
  • Model Number RVPO1002
    Rotating pizza stone for easier cooking cooking
    The high power burner heats the oven up to 500°C (950°F)
    Fresh pizza in just 60 seconds
    Revolve is portable and comes with a carry bag/rain cover.
    The first and only rotating pizza oven to be certified by the Italian authority on Neapolitan pizza making
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Haloo Revolve Pizza Oven Portable Outdoor RVPO1002

Haloo Revolve Pizza Oven Portable Outdoor RVPO1002


Revolve Pizza Oven is a portable outdoor pizza oven. It features an innovative rotating pizza stone that cooks perfect pizza every time. With adjustable heat, you can cook a variety of dishes, including your favorite grilled vegetablesbaked dessertsmeat, and seafood. The oven heats up to 500°C (932°F) and the heat is evenly distributed throughout the cooking surface meaning you will cook perfect pizza, every time.

The smoothly turning pizza stone gives you full control over optimal cooking results without the need to rotate your pizza manually. We designed Revolve to be energy efficient and safe to use. The double-walled, insulated construction ensures both of these qualities. Engineered to last, designed to perform, Revolve will keep impressing you and your guests.

Dimensions: 566x415x410mm (Depth x Width x Height), 19kg

What’s in the box?

  • Revolve Pizza Oven
  • 13″ Cordierite Pizza Stone
  • Front and back Stone
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quick start guide
  • Pizza Recipe Cards


  • Carry Case / Rain Cover
  • Stainless Steel Pizza Peel
  • IR thermometer


  • Dimensions: 566 x 415 x 410mm (22.2” x 16.3” x 16.1”)
  • Weight: 19kg (42lbs)
  • Cooking Surface: 13” (33cm) Cordierite Stone
  • Burner: 20,000BTU gas burner
  • Maximum temperature: 500°C (930°F)
  • Fuel: Liquid Propane Gas
  • Adjustable flame
  • Detachable rotating motor
Revolve Pizza Oven

Make professional pizza at home.

Cook With Real Fire

The high capacity burner of Revolve is capable of heating the oven to as hot as 500°C (930°F).

Great Pizza for Everyone

We brainstormed what are the things that are difficult about pizza making and how we can make it easier for people at home.

Revolving Pizza Stone

No more burned edgesThe base and toppings cook evenly.

No more turning the pizzaEliminate the hassle of turning the pizza.

Better heat circulationStone heats up faster and more evenly.

Detachable pizza motorDetachable motor snaps in with magnets and is operated with AA batteries.

High Power Gas Burner

Cook with real flame. Revolve Pizza Oven can cook pizza at temperatures up to 500°C (930°F).

Revolving Pizza Stone

The 13″ cordite stone ensures even heat distribution when cooking turning 2 rotations every minute.

Easy-to-Use Controls

No complex controls, just plug & play. Revolve was built to be easy to use by everyone.

Detachable Pizza Motor

The revolving pizza stone is powered by our innovative, detachable pizza motor that is powered by AA-batteries.



The Revolve Pizza oven was born from the collaboration of three friends and business associates Peter, Oliver, and Jamie who set about trying to identify innovative ways to change the home pizza-making scene.

The trio each bring their own areas of expertise to the team, with Peter Symonds the owner of a successful outdoor lifestyle company, Oliver Lehtonen, an award-winning product designer renowned for sophisticated Scandinavian flair, and Jamie Bilbow, a television chef, passionate pizzaiolo and owner of a popular private pizza event company. Drawing on their knowledge, they have created a unique pizza oven that simplifies the pizza-making process for both home cooks and professionals.

Revolve Pizza Oven On a Table

More than an oven

Since its humble beginnings, the team at Revolve has grown and flourished. The team shares a deep appreciation for the joy of crafting pizzas and creating cherished moments with friends and family. The goal is to establish new traditions and celebrate the value of quality time spent together.

The Revolve pizza oven is the result of years of planning and design. Through numerous prototype tests, the performance and build quality of the oven meet the highest standards set by both the team and their customers.

Ultimately, Revolve is more than just an oven; it is a testament to the team’s commitment to perfecting the art of pizza making and putting the end-user experience first. With the team’s expertise and dedication, they have created a pizza oven that invites you to embark on a culinary journey, transforming everyday moments into memorable experiences. Join in savoring the authentic flavors of True AVPN style Neapolitan pizza from the comfort of your home, one revolution at a time!

Neapolitan-style pizza with Revolve Pizza Oven
Jamie Tossing Pizza
Jamie Bilbow at Pizza Expo

About us

Revolve is part of Northwest Sourcing. At Northwest Sourcing, we have more than a decade of experience designing, manufacturing and sourcing various products ranging from firepits to lighting solutions to other outdoor and household goods. We are now excited to group these products under the Haloo brand.

At Haloo, we believe in building new traditions and making memories, where it is our ambition to capture and celebrate what it means to spend time with friends and family. As global outdoor heating, cooking, decor and lighting experts, we offer premium, stylish, and contemporary products to enhance and complement any outdoor setting.

The same love and care that we put into all our products has been put into the design of Revolve, and it is the result of nearly two years of iterations and design by our team at Northwest Sourcing.




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