Happy Frizz Mio Sparkling Water Maker with Gas & Bottle White


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Happy Frizz Sparkling Water Maker

Happy Frizz MIO Sparkling Water Maker is a complete system to fizz your tap water. Feel free to drink what you want, how you want and when you want, saving money, saving the environment and the planet. All you have to do is fill the reusable bottles with tap water, push the button and enjoy your sparkling water. Homemade! You can control the fizz strength and change the taste at the touch of a button.


It works without batteries or electricity.
Equipped with refillable cylinder (an exchange service replaces empties with full cylinders).
Customisable carbonation pressure.
Tilting bottle screw.

How many litres can you fizz with a cylinder?

From 60 to 90 litres, the yield varies greatly according to the quantity of gas used and the temperature of the water. By using cold water, you will save on the CO2 used. Like all Happy Frizz products, Mio is produced in Italy in our Trentino factory.


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