LG 100 Watt 2.1ch All in One Soundbar SP2.CGBRLLK


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LG SP2.CGBRLLK SP2 2.1CH AIO 100W Soundbar

Get the most out of your movies with this LG soundbar. It has 2 built-in speakers to ramp up those epic explosions and stirring soundtracks, while its Dolby Digital tech make sure all the audio comes out crisp and clear – no one likes muffled dialogue you can’t understand. And don’t worry about it causing extra clutter in your living room. Not only does it use a Bluetooth connection once it’s plugged in, but you can mount it on the wall as well so it’s very much out the way.


  • 100 Watts of audio power
  • 2 built-in speakers for powerful, clear sound
  • Bluetooth enabled for wireless connectivity
  • Dolby Digital audio processing gives clear sound
  • Stylish, compact design – can be wall mounted


LG Soundbars Are the Best Match With LG TVs

Matching Design
LG Soundbars match perfectly with LG TVs to enhance your entertainment and interior.

TV Sound Mode Share
LG Soundbars produce better sound with the upgraded 2021 LG TV AI Processor.
Designed To Be the Perfect Set
The matching designs of LG Soundbars and LG TVs are made to complement your home as well as each other. Every design element has been carefully considered so that they become a part of your interior and add style to your space.
Designed To Be the Perfect Set
Upgrade Your Soundbar With Your LG TV’s AI Processor
The upgraded 2021 Alpha 9 AI Processor found in select 2021 LG TVs helps your LG Soundbar to produce better sound. TV Sound Mode Share allows the soundbar to use the TV’s processing power and AI Sound Pro to make everything you hear clearer and more consistent, even from different content sources. Only an LG Soundbar and LG TV combination lets you experience your TV at its best.
Upgrade Your Soundbar With Your LG TV's AI Processor
*TV Sound Mode Share may vary by TV models.
**TV AI Processor version varies by TV models.
The Difference is in the Details
Every detail of LG Soundbar SP2 has been carefully considered to create a pleasing aesthetic that complements both your TV and your interior. Stylish wood-tone side panels, elevated controls, and premium eco-friendly fabric make this a speaker that looks as good as it sounds.
The Difference is in the Details
Compact Design That Fits in Any of Your Spaces
LG Soundbar SP2 has the style and sound quality to fit anywhere in your home. Whether you want to place it in the living room, bedroom, or study, the SP2 is designed to match your interior and provide powerful, room-filling sound.
Compact Design That Fits in Any of Your Spaces
LG Soundbars Provide the Best Sound for LG TVs

Immersive 2.1 Channel Sound
Immersive and realistic audio brings movies and music to life on LG TVs.

Built-in Subwoofer for Powerful Bass
A built-in subwoofer delivers rich and consistent bass.

New Sound Modes
Cinema and gaming sound modes enhance your viewing and playing experience with LG TVs.

AI Sound Pro
Sound tailored for content provides a more immersive experience with everything you watch.
Truly Immersive 2.1 Channel Sound
2.1 Channel Audio, 100W power, and a built-in subwoofer — LG Soundbar SP2 delivers powerful and immersive audio for an upgraded sound experience.
Truly Immersive 2.1 Channel Sound
Powerful Bass With A Built-In Subwoofer
LG Soundbar SP2 has a built-in subwoofer and dual passive radiators to deliver rich and consistent bass with everything you watch and listen to.
Powerful Bass With A Built-In Subwoofer
New Sound Modes Make All Your Favourites More Immersive
LG Soundbar SP2 comes with its own proprietary sound modes that you won’t find on other soundbars. They’ve been specifically developed by LG for cinema and gaming — meaning sound will be at its best, whether you love to watch or play.
Upgraded AI Sound Pro With LG Soundbars
Adaptive audio uses an upgraded algorithm to identify voices, effects, and frequencies then optimises the sound by genre for a more immersive experience with every scene.
Choose the Soundbar That’s Right for You

LG Soundbar SP2W
2.1ch Audio, Built-in Subwoofer

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