Magimix 11627 Blender Power 4 Cream ds


  • Magimix Blender Power 4 Cream
  • Model Number 11627
  • Powerful commercial grade induction motor.
  • BPA free Borosilicate glass jug.
  • The only traditional blender to be awarded Quiet Mark certification.
  • Approved by the Good Housekeeping Association.
  • Helpful and reliable after care team.
  • Dedicated Magimix app with hundreds of inspirational recipes.
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Magimix 11627 Blender Power 4 Cream

Magimix 11627 Blender Power 4 Cream

Product Description

Kick start your healthy lifestyle with the Magimix Blender Power 4 and make light work of everything from vitamin-rich smoothies to nutritious soups, to nut butters and milks.  

These powerful, professional quality blenders are made for life and so each comes with an unbeatable 30 year motor guarantee, and spare parts are available for an impressive 30 years. They are built to be fast, efficient and durable – effortlessly blending ingredients with minimal hassle and mess, and have been awarded Quiet Mark certification for their unusually low noise levels.

So much more than just a smoothie maker, these impressive and powerful blenders can chop, grind and blend, vastly speeding up food preparation and making a healthy lifestyle accessible for busy households. The Magimix Blender Power is built with ColdMix® technology to maintain a stable temperature and maximum vitamin levels.

Magimix Blenders are engineered with innovative BlenderMix® technology to ensure smooth consistency while blending – the heat-resistant, grooved, square jug creates a double vortex to allow food to fold back in to combine and create a smooth consistency.  It’s made from Borosilicate glass which is stronger and more resistant to thermal shock than any other, making it suitable for hot and ice-cold foods alike. The non-porous surface doesn’t absorb stains, food, smells or germs – making it very easy to clean. It’s also BPA free, safe for people and the environment.


The Blender Power 4 has a jug capacity of 1.8L, making it perfect for families of up to 6 people. The powerful 1300W motor has 22,000RPM.


The Blender Power 4 couldn’t be simpler to use thanks to its 4 automatic programmes:

Crushed Ice: cocktails, mocktails and granitas

Smoothies: fruit drinks and milkshakes

Soups: veloutés, soups and gazpachos

Frozen Desserts: gelatos, sorbets and frappés

Everything is ready in 1 minute, it’s simple and fast! You can also use the AUTO-RINSE function for fuss-free, speedy cleaning.


Includes a recipe book of 85 healthy and unique recipes, accompanied by nutritional advice. Even more recipes are available on the 100% free Magimix app. You will find everything to make a huge variety of recipes, from dips to smoothies and even ice cream. There really is something for everyone. You will also find precise nutritional information for each recipe.


Buy with confidence with an unbeatable 30 year motor guarantee.
3 year parts guarantee and 30 year spare parts availability.
Powerful commercial grade induction motor.
BPA free Borosilicate glass jug.
The only traditional blender to be awarded Quiet Markcertification.
Approved by the Good Housekeeping Association.
Helpful and reliable after care team.
Dedicated Magimix app with hundreds of inspirational recipes.


Reference 11627
Total capacity 2.5L
Working Capacity 1.8L
Material 1 Ultra-high-strength glass jug (borosilicate)
0% BPA Yes
Wattage 1300W
Motor guarantee 30 years
Parts and labour guarantee 3 years
Availability of spare parts 30 years
Product weight 5.35kg
Product dimensions H405 x L165 x D165 mm
Country of origin PRC
Quiet Mark approved yes
I would like the PREMIUM model which includes 2 Blendcups + Mill Attachment No
Choose your wattage 1300 W