Miele Ultra Phase 1 Coloured Detergent 11504380


  • New formula with the fresh Miele Aqua fragrance
  • For bright colours and brilliantly white laundry
  • No overdosing thanks to automatic dispensing
  • Highly effective – 1.4 litres for 37 wash cycles
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Miele Ultraphase 1 Detergent

Powerful enzymes

Exclusive to Miele

Outstanding cleaning power

Miele detergents contain up to seven powerful enzymes for spotlessly clean results. They even ensure excellent cleaning and effective stain removal at low temperatures. Each one of the enzymes has its own job: lipase, for example, removes greasy stains and pectinase removes stains containing pectin, such as jam. Cellulase, meanwhile, prevents fibre pilling and keeps colours bright. As a result, your laundry stays looking like new for longer.

UltraPhase – tested by the Hohenstein Institute

Exclusive to Miele

Quality tested by the Hohenstein Institute

The German Hohenstein test institute tested the automatic 2-phase dispensing system in connection with Miele’s UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2 detergents. They confirmed excellent wash results in terms of stain removal, the degree of whiteness, the anti-greying effect, the accuracy of dispensing and the anti-pilling effect.

Perfect results

Perfect results every time

Optimum interaction of detergent and washing machine: Simply perfect laundry care.

Tips for sustainable washing

Tips for sustainable washing

Tips for sustainable washing:
– Effective from 30 °C – lower temperatures are more eco-friendly.
– Fill the washing machine as full as possible – except when washing delicates.
– Adapt the detergent quantity to the water hardness and level of soiling.
– Regularly run a 60 °C wash programme with settings for white laundry.
– Leave the washing machine open between programmes.
– Wash bed linen at 60 °C or more if someone in your home is allergic to dust.

Miele detergents – effective and eco-friendly

For the love of our environment

Looking for an effective but eco-friendly way of doing laundry? Miele detergents are the answer. Their special high-performance enzymes do a thorough job of eliminating stains – even at low temperatures. And there’s no need to pre-treat or post-treat laundry items, saving water and protecting the environment. In fact, these detergents clean your clothing so gently that you’ll need to buy new items and less often.

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