Miele Ultraphase 2 Detergent 10803720


  • New formula with the fresh Miele Aqua fragrance
  • For bright colours and brilliantly white laundry
  • No overdosing thanks to automatic dispensing
  • Highly effective – 1.4 litres for 37 wash cycles
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Miele UltraPhase 2 Detergent 10803720

The Miele UltraPhase 2 is designed for Miele TwinDos washing machines. This 1.5 litre detergent is suitable for whites and coloured items. It is a hydrogen peroxide compound, it breaks down into water and active oxygen during the wash process, therefore giving it disinfection and antibacterial properties. It helps to remove stains effectively, its kind to the environment and keeps your honeycomb drum hygienic. This 1.5 litre container is sufficient for 50 laundry loads.

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