Pressure King Pro 5.7L 14 In 1 01733


  • MODEL: 01733
  • 1000W
  • 14in1
  • SERVES 6+

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Pressure King Pro 5.7L

Say hello to the new and improved Pressure King Pro! With this little marvel in your kitchen, you’ll be cooking delicious meals for the entire family in no time – up to 90% faster than traditional methods. And what’s more, thanks to the pressure-sealed flavour lock lid, your meals will be packed with vitamins, nutrients, and all those delicious flavours and seasonings you love. With Pressure King Pro, you’ll get that beautifully tender, slow-cooked taste in fast-food time. 

  • New & improved: You asked, we listened! Based on your feedback we’ve adjusted PKP’s pre-sets to ensure you can easily cook all of your favourite meals at the touch of a button. We’ve even enhanced the non-stick coating on the inner pot so it’s even better than ever. 
  • Cooking made easy: Make delicious, home-cooked meals at the touch of a button with PKP’s 14 pre-set functions. Simply add your ingredients, select your cooking function, and PKP does the hard work for you so you can spend less time in the kitchen, Just set it and forget it. (Functions include: Steam, Saute, Rice, Fish, Veg, Meat, Stew, Soup, Poultry, Chilli, Curry, Slow Cook, Keep Warm and Delay Timer.) 
  • Great food, fast: Because you’re cooking with super-heated, pressurised steam, your meals are cooked up to 90% faster than traditional cooking methods. Think how much time and energy you’ll save! 
  • Energy efficient: Because PKP cooks super-fast with pressurised steam, it could even help save money on your energy bills! In fact, cooking a whole 1kg chicken could use up to 6x less electricity in your PKP compared to the average oven (approx. 2100W).
  • Nutritious, healthier meals: Pressure cooking has been proven to lock in more vitamins and nutrients than many other cooking methods – including boiling and steaming – so your meals won’t just be delicious, they’ll be healthier, too.  
  • Serves 6+: The 5.7L capacity inner pot is perfect for feeding the whole family, entertaining or batch-cooking your favourites with ease! 
  • Delicious, flavour-packed favourites: Special flavour-lock lid ensures everything you make comes out tasting absolutely delicious, every single time.  
  • No additional pans needed: With a PKP in your kitchen, there’s no need to dig out any extra equipment, your entire meal can be cooked right in the inner pot thanks to the handy Sauté function.
  • Ready when you are: Use the handy Delay Timer to tell your PKP when you want to eat, then add your ingredients and it’ll make sure your food’s ready to your schedule.
  • The perfect everyday cooker: Whether you’re in the mood for a spicy curry, heart-warming stew, tender joint of beef for your Sunday roast, mouth-watering desserts, or even something as simple as a boiled egg, you can make it all in your PKP at the touch of a button. 
  • Fully customisable: Adjust the time on every function to easily adapt all your favourite recipes for the Pressure King Pro! 
  • Easy to clean: The inner pot’s new, premium non-stick coating simply wipes clean and can even go in the dishwasher!  
  • Cook from frozen: Forgotten to get the chicken out of the freezer? No problem! Pressure King Pro even cooks from frozen so there’s no last-minute rushing about. 
  • Compact, space-saving design: Fits easily in any kitchen and looks great, too! 
  • BONUS Steamer Tray: Includes handy Steamer Tray with built in feet so you can steam delicious, healthy fish dishes, veggies and more with ease, no trivet necessary! 
  • FREE Recipe App: Download the FREE Drew&Cole app to access a whole library of recipes, specially created for your Pressure King Pro. There’s something for everyone, from fresh and healthy to hot and spicy, or even indulgent treats. Available on both Android and Apple.  

Product details: 

  • Dimensions: 32.6x31x32.6cm 
  • Weight: 5.06kg 
  • Accessories included: User Manual, Steamer Basket 
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Total capacity: 5.7L 
  • Serves: 6+ 
  • Delay Timer: Yes, up to 24 hours 
  • Keep Warm function: Yes, up to 24 hours 
  • Voltage: 220-240V 
  • Wattage: 1000W