Samsung 2.0 Soundbar HW-C400 All-in-One Black

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  • Samsung 2.0 Soundbar HW-C400 All-in-One Black
  • Model Number HW-C400
  • One remote to control both your TV and soundbar
  • Enhance your TV experience with 4 speakers
  • Enjoy clutter-free sound with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Night and Voice Enhancement Mode
  • Natural sound, built-in woofer and compact design
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Samsung 2.0 Soundbar HW-C400 All-in-One Black

Samsung 2.0 Soundbar HW-C400 All-in-One Black


  • 3D Surround Sound System – Our Samsung C400 Soundbar provides cinematic 3D Surround Sound for true to life audio that jumps out of you and elevates the content you are watching or games you are playing.
  • 270W Audio & 6.5″ Wireless Subwoofer – A small home Soundbar that packs a punch, our C400 Samsung Soundbar comes with a wireless 6.5″ Subwoofer for deeper bass and more immersive sound, as well as a powerful 270W of sound power.
  • Soundbar For TV And Gaming Too – The Samsung C400 delivers audio to suit your lifestyle. Our Soundbar Speaker has in built adaptive sound and night mode so you don’t wake up your neighbours! It also has gaming mode for immersive sound in play.
  • Voice Enhancement Mode – The Samsung C400 has a built in Voice Enhancement mode, this means you wont miss a second of dialogue amongst the action when watching your favourite films or TV series when you have our Soundbar connected.

Compact but powerful sound with built-in woofer¹ ²


Built-In Woofer

Enhanced bass performance with this all-in-one device.


One remote for total control

Use the Samsung TV remote to control both your TV and key Soundbar functions like power, volume and even sound effects³ ⁴

Surround Sound Expansion (SSE)

Optimal sound expanded to a wider listening zone

SSE emanates audio up and around, creating a wider listening area for room-filling surround sound.


Bluetooth TV Connection

Connect your Soundbar to TV wirelessly

No more unsightly cable clutter. Simply use Bluetooth to connect the Soundbar to your Samsung TV wirelessly.⁵


Night Mode

Ideal for late-night viewing. Switch it on to tone down the bass and compress the volume when others are sleeping.


Voice Enhance

Optimises voice audio to ensure dialogue is clear and easy to hear, even at lower volumes.

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