Samsung 76L Pyrolytic Single Oven NV7B41307AK/U4


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Samsung 76L Pyrolytic Single Oven NV7B41307AK/U4

Samsung 76L Pyrolytic Single Oven

Shows the built-in oven installed in a kitchen, with two cooking zones and a hinged door, next to a Microwave Combi oven.

More joy, less burden

SmartThings Cooking

Make your kitchen experience more joyful. SmartThings Cooking* saves time and minimises the burden of cooking. By understanding your needs, it recommends personalised recipes** and creates a weekly meal plan. It also offers a guided cooking experience and enables effortless grocery shopping***.

* Requires a wireless network and the Samsung SmartThings App. The Samsung SmartThings App supports Android OS 4.0 (ICS) or later, which is optimised for Samsung smartphones (Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series). This App also supports iOS 7 or later for iPhone models. The SmartThings App is available in the App Store and Play Store.** Available in certain languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.*** Only available in the UK and Germany. Other countries will be added soon.Shows 3 smartphone screens from the SmartThings Cooking app, which lets you access personalized recipes and meal plans, view guided cooking instructions and create a grocery shopping list to buy ingredients.

Always keeps the oven neat with heat

Pyrolytic Cleaning*

Keep the inside of your oven neat and clean without wasting time and effort scrubbing or using costly cleaning products. A Pyrolytic Cleaning* system heats the cavity to burn off any grease and residue left from cooking. Everywhere is left spotless with only a few ashes to wipe away.

* Only available on certain models.

Shows the inside of the oven "before" and "after" cleaning using the Pyrolytic Cleaning system.

Effortlessly easy self-cleaning oven

Catalytic Cleaning

Save yourself the time and effort of scrubbing the oven. A Catalytic Cleaning* system makes it easy to keep the oven clean. The catalytic liner at the rear of the cavity absorbs grease from splashes and drips during cooking. So it cleans itself without any hard work or costly cleaning products.

* Only available on certain models.

Shows the inside of the oven with a Catalytic Liner, which absorbs the grease splashes as a joint of meat is roasted.

Cook food properly to suit your taste

Food Probe

Check the internal temperature of dishes more easily and ensure they are cooked to suit your taste. The Food Probe* eliminates any guesswork by clearly indicating when even large pieces of food have been cooked properly. And there is no need to waste time and heat opening the oven to check.

* Only available on certain models.

Shows a Food Probe inserted into a joint of meat that is being roasted.

Closes smoothly, gently and silently

Soft Close Door

Enjoy a more peaceful cooking experience with the Soft Close Door. It closes safely, gently and silently. The hinge makes the door move smoothly in the final few centimeters, so it slowly and quietly shuts, with no vibration or banging sounds.

*Specifications may vary by model.

Shows how the Soft Close Door closes slowly in the final few centimeters to prevent any unnecessary noise or vibration.

Cook much more

Big Capacity (76L)

Create more and larger dishes with a massive 76 litre capacity oven. It opens up more possibilities in home cooking. You can prepare lots of different food together, like everything you need for a party. Or it can easily accommodate large items, like a king-size turkey, for a family gathering.

Shows a large turkey cooking inside the spacious oven with arrows illustrating its 76 litre capacity.

A+ energy efficiency without compromise

Energy Efficiency – A+

Make your home more energy efficient. You can use the whole oven and enjoy exceptional A+ rated energy efficiency* with the Eco convention mode. It saves energy by using less power, but you still have the convenience of a very large and flexible oven space. And it reduces harmful CO2 emissions.

Shows the oven in the kitchen with a label highlighting its A+ energy efficiency rating. It also shows that it has a 76 liter capacity and consumes 1.05 kWh/cycle as a conventional oven and 0.71 kWh/cycle using forced air convection.

Smooth gliding shelf

Telescopic Rail

Get things in and out of the oven much more easily. The Telescopic Rail slides in and out smoothly with hardly any effort, even if you’re using large or heavy pans. It creates much less friction, so it’s much easier to load and unload. And you can baste, turn and season food without any spills.

*Specifications may vary by model.

Shows a large roast turkey sliding out of the oven on the Telescopic Rail.

How to measure

Diagrams highlight the dimensions of the oven: height (front) = 596mm, height (back) = 559mm + 20mm to height in middle, width = 595mm (incl. front) / 560mm (excl. front), depth = 550mm + 21mm for the door (excl. handle). Another diagram shows the minimum size of the built-in cabinet space that the oven can be installed in: height = min. 590mm / max. 600mm, width = min. 560mm, depth = min. 550mm + a space of min. 50mm behind the oven. It also shows that the doors extends out 481mm when fully open. The text says that there must be vents on the rear floor of the built-in cabinet space that are a min. 460mm x min 50mm to ventilate heat and circulate the air.
5-year warranty on parts & labour available on this appliance

5-year warranty on parts & labour available on this appliance


  • Outside (WxHxD)595 x 596 x 570 mm
  • Weight (Net)36.3 kg
  • Energy Efficiency ClassA+
  • Convection1800 W


  • Oven TypeSingle
  • Oven ColourClean Black
  • Door TypeDrop Down
  • Oven Door GlassQuadruple
  • Soft Closing DoorNo
  • Display TypeLED / White
  • Cavity MaterialCeramic Enamel
  • Control MethodDual Dial & Touch


  • Steam TypeNo
  • Upper Grill (In/Out)1600 / 1100 W
  • Lower Grill1100 W
  • Single Mode (Top Heat + Convection)Yes
  • Single Mode (Large Grill)Yes
  • Single Mode (Eco Grill)Yes
  • Single Mode (Bottom + Convection)Yes
  • Convection1800 W
  • Cleaning MethodPyrolytic
  • Steam CleanYes
  • Wi-Fi ConnectionYes
  • Auto Programs20ea
  • Air FryNo
  • Air Sous VideNo
  • Cook TimerYes
  • Child Safety LockYes
  • End TimerYes
  • ClockYes
  • Interior Lamp25W (Halogen)
  • Interior Light (Position)Top
  • Light (Lamp) On/OffYes
  • Language OptionNo


  • Usable Volume (Whole)76 L
  • Cavity (WxHxD)560 x 579 x 549 mm
  • Outside (WxHxD)595 x 596 x 570 mm
  • Shipping (WxHxD)694 x 660 x 660 mm
  • Loading Quantity72 / 162
  • Weight (Net)36.3 kg
  • Weight (Gross)40.8 kg


  • Square Baking Tray1ea
  • Square Wire Rack1ea


  • Power Source230-240 V ~ 50 Hz
  • Output Power3500-3850 W
  • Energy Efficiency ClassA+
  • Oven Temp. Ranges (Single)30~250 (Grill 100~270)


  • WiFi EmbeddedYes

App Connectivity

  • SmartThings App SupportYes

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