Samsung Galaxy Buds FE White SM-R400NZWAEUA

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  • Samsung Galaxy Buds FE White
  • Model Number SM-R400NZWAEUA
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Samsung Galaxy Buds FE White SM-R400NZWAEUA

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE White SM-R400NZWAEUA

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE in pristine White (Model: SM-R400NZWAEUA) – a testament to Samsung’s commitment to delivering exceptional wireless audio that’s as stylish as it is immersive. These earbuds offer a harmonious blend of form and function, ensuring a delightful listening experience in a sleek and compact package.

Sleek and Modern Design:

The Samsung Galaxy Buds FE in White feature a minimalist and contemporary design. These earbuds are thoughtfully crafted to provide a comfortable fit in your ears, ensuring they stay securely in place during all your activities. The White color adds an elegant touch to your ensemble, making them a stylish accessory that complements your lifestyle.

High-Quality Sound:

Despite their compact size, these earbuds deliver an impressive audio experience. With finely tuned sound and deep bass, you’ll enjoy your music, podcasts, and calls with remarkable clarity and detail. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or simply want to savor your content to the fullest, the Galaxy Buds FE deliver exceptional sound quality without compromise.

Wireless Freedom:

Bid farewell to tangled wires and embrace the freedom of true wireless audio. The Galaxy Buds FE pair seamlessly with your devices, providing a smooth and dependable connection. Enjoy the convenience of wireless audio without the hassle of cables.

All-Day Battery Life:

With long-lasting battery life, these earbuds are your ideal companion throughout the day. You can revel in several hours of continuous playback on a single charge, and the included charging case offers additional hours of use. Whether you’re on the go or working, these earbuds keep the music playing.

Intuitive Touch Controls:

Manage your music and calls with ease through simple touch controls. With intuitive touch gestures, you can play or pause your music, skip tracks, answer calls, and even activate your voice assistant without needing to access your device.

Comfortable Fit:

The Galaxy Buds FE come with multiple ear tip and wingtip options, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for extended wear. Designed to stay in place, they remain stable even during your most active moments.

Smart Features:

These earbuds are equipped with a host of intelligent features. From seamless integration with your Samsung devices to an ambient sound mode that keeps you aware of your surroundings, they are designed to enhance your daily life.

In summary, the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE in White (Model: SM-R400NZWAEUA) offer a winning combination of style, sound quality, and convenience. Elevate your audio experience with these compact and stylish wireless earbuds. Whether you’re on the move, in the office, or simply unwinding at home, these earbuds provide a superb audio experience and a touch of modern elegance. Get your pair today and immerse yourself in a new level of wireless audio.

Ergonomic Comfort

Turn the world off with powerful ANC

Enriched Bass Sound

30-Hour Battery Life
Your everyday audio companion
Galaxy Buds FE, with their compact and ergonomic design, are here to deliver an outstanding listening experience. Block out unwanted noise with Active Noise Canceling, personalise the fit with various tips and seamlessly sync with your Samsung Galaxy devices. Experience the everyday audio companion that truly caters to you.
Your everyday audio companion
*Galaxy S23 FE and Galaxy Tab S9 FE sold separately. S Pen included with Galaxy Tab S9 FE.**Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may be different.
Turn the world off with powerful ANC
Noise off, your world is on. Active Noise Canceling instantly puts you alone with your music in a quiet space. Keep the distractions out and immerse yourself in the pure sound.
Turn the world off with powerful ANC
*ANC(Active Noise Canceling) is on by default, and the touch and hold gesture for ANC can be configured in the Galaxy Wearable app.
Silence at your fingertip
Turn the Active Noise Canceling on or off by simply touching and holding the touch area. If you want to talk to your buddy beside you, you can also switch to Ambient Sound mode to hear them without having to take off your earbuds.
*To change the 3 levels of ambient sound volume, on Galaxy Wearable app, go to Earbuds Settings > Accessibility > Customise ambient sound.**The touch and hold gesture for ANC can be configured in the Galaxy Wearable app.***Video simulated for illustrative purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product. Actual measurements may vary.
Enriched Bass Sound
Indulge in rich sound of Galaxy Buds FE with deep, powerful bass from the new 1-way speaker, no matter what you’re listening to.
*Image simulated for illustrative purposes.
On and on with long-lasting battery
Compact in size, yet powerful. The battery lasts for up to 30 hours on a single charge, keeping up with your long playlist of songs, podcasts or social media videos throughout your day.
*With ANC off, earbuds and case provide up to 30 hours of play time on a full charge. With ANC on, they provide up to 21 hours of play time on a full charge. Based on internal testing. Play time tested by pairing a pre-production Galaxy Buds FE to a recently released Galaxy smartphone with default settings. Actual battery life may vary and depend on usage conditions, settings, number of times charged, Bluetooth signal strength, and other factors. ‘Play time’ refers to when the Galaxy Buds FE are connected to the phone, streaming music.**Play time may vary based on settings.
On and on with long-lasting battery
Enjoy clear calls with three microphones on Galaxy Buds FE. Main Mic, Sub Mic and Inner Mic all work in harmony to accurately capture your voice, so your words reach the other end loud and clear.
Galaxy Buds FE use Personalised Beamforming to automatically adjust to your wearing pattern for the optimal pickup of your voice. Put them on and they’ll locate your voice when you start talking.
Whether you’re in a bustling city or on a windy hilltop, your voice cuts through the noise on phone calls thanks to Galaxy Buds FE’s DNN solution that adeptly filters out background noise from your voice.
Switch to devices without pause
Your sound follows you seamlessly as you pair with other Samsung Galaxy devices using Auto Switch, or connect with a touch or Bixby. Your sound even stays with you as you switch the playback device from your smartphone to your TV via Smart View, so you can continue watching your show on the bigger screen without missing a beat.
Switch to devices without pause
*Auto connection with Smart View is only available on Samsung TVs released from 2023 and through a firmware update from September 2023.**Auto Switch is currently unavailable on PC. ***Galaxy Buds FE are compatible with Galaxy smartphones and tablets running Android 8.0 or later and with more than 1.5GB of memory.****Auto Switch feature is only available on Galaxy smartphones and tablets with One UI 3.1 or later, and on Galaxy Watch4 or later. The devices must be logged in to Samsung Account to enable Auto Switch. Supported earbuds include models released after Galaxy Buds Plus (Buds Plus, Buds Live, Buds Pro, Buds2, Buds2 Pro and Buds FE).
Hi Bixby, play my favorite song
Turn on Bixby Voice wake-up mode and use your voice to check the weather, search songs, text your friends and more. Simply say “Hi, Bixby” and ask Bixby to do it for you.
*Bixby service availability may vary by country, carrier and device.**Galaxy Buds FE must be connected to a smart device with a data network or Wi-Fi connection to fully operate Bixby features; Samsung Account login also required.***Availability of Bixby features and content providers may vary by country or language; Bixby only recognizes certain accents and dialects of English (UK), English (US), French (France), German (Germany), Italian (Italy), Korean (South Korea), Mandarin Chinese (China), Spanish (Spain) and Portuguese (Brazil).
Hi Bixby, play my favorite song
Lost and found in a blink
Lost your earbuds? Well, it won’t be for long. Track them down using the location of your missing earbuds. When they’re found by someone else’s phone, your contact information will be shared with them along with a ‘Lost and Found’ message. Keep your Galaxy Buds FE within reach.
Lost and found in a blink
*Lost Mode is activated when a Samsung Galaxy device other than the owner’s attempts to pair with your lost Galaxy Buds FE via Galaxy Wearable app. Requires Lost Mode to be turned on under settings.**Contact information must be entered under settings in advance.***Lost Mode is not available for the charging case of the Galaxy Buds FE.*****Contact information and message must be registered beforehand on the SmartThings app to have it shown on the finder’s device on Lost Mode. The finder’s device must be connected to the internet and enabled to display the pre-registered contact information upon device pairing. Feature availability may vary depending on the device compatibility.
Friendly reminder to grab your earbuds
Forget anything? Galaxy Buds FE give you an alarm when you leave your earbuds behind, so you won’t have to walk back miles.
Friendly reminder to grab your earbuds
*When the battery runs out, it tracks based on the last connected location.**The SmartThings Find application is only available on Samsung Galaxy devices with Android 9.0 or later.***SmartThing Find is not supported in China Mainland.****To receive notification from SmartThings Find, you must turn on the notification under settings.
Tune your audio to your taste
With the Galaxy Wearable app, you can quickly personalize the settings of your Galaxy Buds FE straight from your Samsung Galaxy devices. From the equaliser to Bixby Voice wake-up, the intuitive and easy-to-use settings let you tune your earbuds to your taste in no time.
*Galaxy Wearable app is also available on PC.
Tune your audio to your taste
Your favourite accessories still fit
Continue using that case cover you love on Galaxy Buds FE since the devices are compatible with cover accessories for Galaxy Buds2, Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy Buds Live. Enjoy your Buds without parting with your favourite case cover.
*Image simulated for illustrative purposes.**Case cover availability may vary by country and carrier.
Your favourite accessories still fit
Audio and Video
  • Number of MIC
  • Speaker
    Custom 1-way
  • Ambient Sound
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Audio Codec
    SSC (Samsung Scalable Codec),AAC,SBC
  • Bluetooth Version
    Bluetooth v5.2
  • Bluetooth Profiles
  • Auto Switch
  • Hall Sensor,Proximity Sensor,Touch Sensor
Physical specification
  • Earbud Dimension (HxWxD)
    19.2 x 17.1 x 22.2 mm
  • Earbud Weight
    5.6 g
  • Case Dimension (HxWxD)
    50.0 x 50.0 x 27.7 mm
  • Case Weight
    40 g
  • Removable
  • Talk Time/Voice Call
    4/14hr(ANC Off), 3.5/13hr(ANC On)
  • Audio Playback Time
    8.5/30hr(ANC Off), 6/21hr(ANC On)
  • Battery Capacity (Earbud)
    60 mAh
  • Battery Capacity (Case)
    479 mAh
Services and Applications
  • SmartThings Find
  • Bixby Voice Wake-up
* Image of Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds simulated for illustration purposes.

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