Sodastream Pepsi Max Cherry Flavour 440ml


  • Sodastream Pepsi Max Cherry Flavour
  • 440ml
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Sodastream Pepsi Max Cherry Flavour 440ml

Sodastream Pepsi Max Cherry Flavour 440ml

With MAX Taste, No Sugar – SodaStream Pepsi MAX is a low-calorie and sugar-free version of classic Pepsi. Each 440ml bottle makes up to 9 liters of Pepsi MAX so you have plenty available to drink, taking up minimal storage space. Enjoy the great taste of Pepsi with SodaStream.


Make your own Pepsi MAX Cherry with your Sodastream Sparkling Water Maker with the push of a button. Enjoy the GREAT taste of Pepsi MAX Cherry all while saving on single-use plastic bottles!

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Product Description

The wait is over – now you can make your own signature soft drink at home with SodaStream! Enjoy the original Pepsi Max Cherry, combined with SodaStream bubbles. With Max Taste, No Sugar – Pepsi Max is a low-calorie and no added sugar version of classic Pepsi Max, but with a fruity twist. Loved all around the world, the great taste of cherry cola flavoured Pepsi Max will refresh you every day. With SodaStream, you can be the change by helping out our precious planet as you reduce plastic waste. Each 440ml Pepsi Max Cherry flavoured sparkling drink mix makes up to 9 litres of deliciously drinkable diet cola, which really cuts down on single use plastic waste. You can also say goodbye to using up precious storage space, or lugging bulky big bottles of fizzy drinks home. Instead, have refreshing Pepsi Max Cherry on tap whenever you fancy it. Perfect for celebrations and ideal as a diet mixer or for your favourite cocktail (or mocktail) – one 440ml bottle will last and last. Original Pepsi, Pepsi Max, 7Up and other flavours are available, so why not enjoy them all, for bottomless soft drinks on tap whenever you want them? Simply carbonate your water, add the concentrated soft drink mix, and within seconds you can sip a delicious, sparkling cola whenever you like! Directions: Carbonate your tap water using SodaStream and then add a dash of official Pepsi Max Cherry afterwards, as directed on the bottle. One bottle can make up to nine litres.


water, colour (E150d), flavourings (including caffeine), acids (phosphoric acid, citric acid), sweeteners (acesulfame K, sucralose, aspartame**), acidity regulators (sodium citrate, potassium citrate), preservative (sodium benzoate), anti-foaming (dimethyl polysiloxane)