Ultraloc Super Glue Liquid


  • Ultraloc Super Glue Liquid
  • Supplied in a handy 3g tube which features a precision drop control nozzle and an anti-clog safety cap.
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Ultraloc Super Glue Liquid

Ultraloc Super Glue liquid is a high performance cyanoacrylate based adhesive.

Supplied in a handy 3g tube which features a precision drop control nozzle and an anti-clog safety cap.

Specially developed into a unique formula, Ultraloc with its precise non clogging nozzle and “drop control” will bond in an instant many surfaces which can be porous or non flush fitting


Using Ultraloc is simple, but super glue must be used carefully. See ‘PRECAUTIONS’. Dry, porous surfaces glue better if moistened slightly.

Keep the tube upright when not applying glue and always store the tube in an upright position after use.

Always work with Ultraloc in a well-ventilated area.

Ensure that the surfaces to be bonded are close fitting and clean.

For smooth non porous surfaces use ULTRALOC liquid. Use sparingly for best results.

For abrasive porous surfaces use ULTRALOC gel. Use just enough glue to allow for it to flow into any gaps when pressed together.

Slightly dampen porous surfaces such as china or wood

For vertical or other difficult angled surfaces use ULTRALOC gel

Pointing the tube away from the face, apply a small amount of ULTRALOC to one surface only.

Squeeze the base of the tube gently and apply sparingly.

Use on a suitable work surface. Always cover easily damaged surfaces.

Avoid skin contact with super glue. Press parts together for about 10 seconds.

In general a little goes a long way. One average sized drop from our tube will cover 2cm . The thinner the bond line the better the overall performance!

Wipe the nozzle thoroughly with a dry tissue and replace the cap. Return the tube to it’s original pack and retain for instructions.

Store the tube in an upright position, in a cool dry place. Keep out of the reach of children. (Useful life is approximately 6 months once opened. This may vary due to storage conditions).

  Not suitable for highly absorbent      surfaces ( fabric, paper etc.)

Not suitable for bonding plastics that are oily or waxy in appearance, polypropylene or polyethylene. Leather may become harder or discoloured after super glue is applied.

Not suitable for very soft leather.

Ultraloc is not suitable for use on containers that hold hot liquids or when contact with hot liquids occurs.